Our reality becomes ever more complex. Each element in a system influences others, and with the quick tempo of today’s production, the need for supervision and control is greater than ever. This is precisely what AcobiaFLUX offers its customers.
Within our sectors (Industry, Infrastructure and Building Automation) the integration of different systems and functions is becoming more and more important. Total integration is achieved through modern technology, which gives one flow, one system and many benefits.
AcobiaFLUX’s strength lies in the combination of broad knowledge and key competencies. We always use open tools and brands in our work. We then make customised solutions based upon ready concepts and components.
Knowledge, ability and an interest in developing new solutions are the basis for our activity. Personal responsibility and commitment is what creates long-term business relationships.


Within the Industry sector, we work with process automation and overall integration solutions, in order to create efficient and secure processes. We have lengthy experience in working with large and complicated manufacturing processes within the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, petroleum and manufacturing industries amongst others.


Within the Infrastructure sector, we work with the control, monitoring and integration of technical systems within road and rail-mounted traffic, which create more effective, safer and environmentally-friendly traffic conditions. We have lengthy experience of working with large and complex infrastructural projects.


Within the Building Automation sector, we work with control, monitoring and integrating technical systems in properties where there are high demands on environmental, personal and informational security. We integrate all systems and facilities in one property with a superior system for secure and efficient operation and monitoring.