Within the Industry sector, we work with process automation and overall integration solutions, in order to create efficient and secure processes. We have lengthy experience in working with large and complicated manufacturing processes within the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, petroleum and manufacturing industries amongst others.









Our customers have control

Our products and services are produced for customers that need monitoring, control, planning and traceability in their operations and processes.

Our totally integrated solutions put the focus on the information being handled and on the user. The systems we work with are used for batch production; intermittent processes; and different types of machine controls.

From feasibility study to delivery, installation and support.

Within the Industry sector, our offering is focused on complete deliveries – whereby we take responsibility all the way from initial problem solving and product design, through to implementation and installation, as well as support.

AcobiaFLUX delivers every element needed for a successful project – from cabinets, sensors and other hardware, to connections with administrative systems, and the total coordination of the project

Customer benefits now and in the future

A business should never need to be adjusted to fit the system, but the system should be adjusted to how you want to work. It is for precisely this reason that we place great importance on system design and structure as well as in creating efficient user interfaces that are adapted to the situation.

Our solutions give the customer increased control, better efficiency and smoother workflows. For example, this can involve transfer of information between different systems to minimise human error, or creating a fully user-adapted system environment.

In using our products and solutions, the customer receives a tool/process/ system that can easily grow and adapt to their shifting needs.

We create products that are not only suited to today’s tasks, but also take care of tomorrow’s demands.

Typical tasks that our system manages

  • Planning and follow-up
    Production plans, recipes, components, batch reports, manufacturing results, error reports, etc.
  • Control and monitoring
    Low-level control via monitoring systems and other types of components, alerts in the form of alarm, display, sound, etc.
  • Integration of data and the system
    Reduced human input provides the highest efficiency and the smallest risk for error. Minimised paper use in production increases safety and raises efficiency.
  • Display
    Increased safety, usability and efficiency.
  • Flexibility
    More adaptable systems that can be easily adjusted to new situations.
  • Traceability
    For increased safety, control and development capacity.


AstraZeneca – Chemical Management

AcobiaFLUX has delivered two complete monitoring and control facilities for solvent management and chemical waste systems as well as monitoring systems for leakages and oxygen levels. The project included installation, construction, programming and testing, and was carried out in an ATEX classified environment which required special hardware.

Download reference sheet Download reference sheet

Scan – Sausage production

AcobiaFLUX has created a complete system for sausage production. The system is based upon our own concept and framework for batch production systems. This system controls and monitors the whole sausage production process, from reception, control and registry of raw materials, storage management and process monitoring all the way to the finished sausage. The system has two-way communication with both Movex and IFS for orders, recipes, raw materials, finished products and maintenance data.

Download reference sheet Download reference sheet