Within the Infrastructure sector, we work with the control, monitoring and integration of technical systems within road and rail-mounted traffic, which create more effective, safer and environmentally-friendly traffic conditions. We have lengthy experience of working with large and complex infrastructural projects.









Our customers have control

Our products and services are produced to satisfy the demands and wishes placed by the government, Trafikverket and other key players within the traffic sector. This sector often has a great need for monitoring, control, planning and traceability in their operations and processes.

Our fully integrated solutions focus on the environment, traffic safety, operational efficiency, and maintenance of technical facilities. The systems we manage include traffic control, tunnel ventilation, lighting control, power, water and sewage, CCTV, fire safety as well as human and computer communication systems.

From problem formulation to solution

Within the Infrastructure sector, we focus on offering complete deliveries as either a subcontractor or a full-service supplier – where we take the responsibility all the way from initial problem formulation and proposal for solution, to implementation and subsequent support.

As well as delivery and installation of sensors, cabling and other components, our implementation includes delivery, integration and programming of control systems, PLC, SCADA and traffic management systems.

Customer benefits now and in the future

A process should never need to be adapted to fit the requirements of a technical system. The system itself should be adapted to suit the process. We are able to deliver this type of solution by basing our products on ready-made, verified components.

Our solutions give the customer increased control, higher efficiency and smoother workflows.

Using our products and solutions, the customer receives a tool that can easily grow and adapt to shifting needs.

We create products that are not only suited to today’s tasks, but also take care of tomorrow’s demands.

Typical tasks that our system manages

  • Planning and follow-up
    Action planning, flow planning, incident and flow analysis.
  • Control and monitoring
    Control via monitoring systems and other types of control units (for displays and signals etc.), monitoring in the form of alarm, display, sound, etc.
  • Integration of information and the system
    Reduced human input provides the highest efficiency and the smallest risk for error.
  • Visualisation
    For increased safety and efficiency, we provide good support when quick decisions are demanded.
  • Flexibility
    For more adaptable systems that can be easily adjusted to new situations.
  • Traceability
    For increased safety, control and development capability.


Øresundsbron – Control and monitoring system

AcobiaFLUX has replaced Øresundsbrons control and monitoring system managing the highway traffic and other technical systems on the bridge and in the tunnel.

Download reference sheet Download reference sheet

The Göta tunnel – Installation of fire fighting system