AcobiaFLUX offers a comprehensive product range with a focus on Industrial IT & Automation within the sectors of Industry, Infrastructure and Building Automation. Our key competencies are self-evident – personal responsibility and commitment are what creates long-term business relationships.






AcobiaFLUX was established in 1995 and since then has worked with Industrial IT & Automation within several fields. We work within Food&Beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, petroleum and traffic control sectors amongst others, where control and monitoring of different work processes are vital.

Our exciting projects have allowed us to attract competent and committed employees. We now have a turnover of around SEK 60 million per annum, and employ around 50 staff members spread amongst our offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Ronneby.

Our goal is to always offer our customers the right product. A system or service from AcobiaFLUX gives the customer reduced risk and increased possibilities. We are independent of suppliers and always use the products and systems that solve the customer’s brief in the best way.

Quick facts

  • Founded 1995
  • Number of employees: ca 60
  • Turnover: ca 80 million SEK (2014)
  • Offices: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Tranås, Larvik (Norge)
  • Managing Director: Mikael Nilsson


Mikael Nilsson, Steve Ribbestam, Anders Paulsson, Tore Hallersbo, Joacim Lorentsson, Mats Agblad.


Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

AcobiaFLUX has earned the highest level of status within Microsoft’s partner program, joining the exclusive ranks of Microsoft Gold Certified partners.

As a gold level partner, AcobiaFLUX has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft based products and technologies.

Microsoft Gold Certified partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This enables us to provide our customers with effective service and first-class technical solutions. With this mark of quality, our clients can be confident in that we deliver the best possible solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies.

Microsoft Gold Certified partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This enables us to provide our customers with effective service and first-class technical solutions. With this mark of quality, our clients can be confident in that we deliver the best possible solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies.

Global Citect Integration Partner of the Year

Citect announced a global competition where they would appoint the best Citect Integrator for each continent. AcobiaFLUX won both the European stage “Citect Integration Partner of the Year, Europe” and “Global Citect Integration Partner of the Year”.


Our customers get control

Our products and services are created for companies who have a need for automatic control, monitoring, planning and traceability in their activities and processes.

Our system solutions are used in: manufacturing processes (both batch and continuous/discrete processes); machine-, process-, building- and traffic control; energy efficiency; operation and maintenance; and security monitoring and more.

From feasability study to delivery, installation and support

We offer complete deliveries, where we take the responsibility all the way from initial problem analysis and design to application, installation and post-delivery support – at all stages working in close collaboration with the customer.

AcobiaFLUX delivers each link in the chain which is required for a successful project, from sensors, cabinets and other hardware, to PLC, SCADA and MES systems. Other vital deliverables are integration to the administrative system and of course coordination of the project in its entirety.

Sustainable technical development

A business should never need to adapt to a system, it is the system which should be tailored to the way one wants to work. For this reason we put as much focus on system design as on structure in order to create effective and customised system solutions. Our customers get the best of both worlds – a well-proven foundation of existing components and products that we then adapt according to requirements. This results in increased control, improved efficiency and greater flexibility for our customers. Our system solutions always provide a function for our customers, which can then be easily grown and changed according to their changing requirements.

Our products are tailor-made for today’s tasks, and ready for tomorrow’s demands.

Company folder

A short presentation of AcobiaFLUX the company. Here we present the company’s activities and working methods in a 4-page folder for you to download.

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The Business

AcobiaFLUX presents our business during the past year as well as a few words about the future.

The business 2011 The business 2011

The business 2010 The business 2010

The business 2009 The business 2009


AcobiaFLUX – From then until today

AcobiaFLUX history is marked by technical curiosity, a willingness to develop and a great ability to understand the customers’ reality. These qualities have made four companies to meet, identify synergies and eventually become one.

In 1995 Apocca Technology was founded and it became Acobia in 1999. In 1997 FLUX was founded. Acobia, who was managed by Mikael Nilsson, work within Automation, while FLUX worked within Industrial IT. Both companies met early on as sub-contractors on large projects. The first time they met, they both discussed how well the companies complemented one another. But it was too early. Both companies needed time to grow and develop further before the time was ripe to take the next step.

In October 2004, they met for negotiations and discovered that the two companies fitted together like puzzle pieces. By merging they would complement eachothers’ services which could then be offered to their customers, thereby offering broader solutions. The response was fantastic and AcobiaFLUX has developed and grown consistently since then.

In the autumn of 2008 the company was ready for its next big step. The merger with Cintec, with their clear strength in Automation, created the opportunity to deliver more and greater complete solutions to clients.

It was time again to expand in 2010. When AcobiaFLUX was named the world’s best Citect integrator, several new business opportunities opened up. One of the most interesting resulted in a subsidiary in Larvik, Norway.

In 2011, AcobiaFLUX won a big order when the Øresundbron was investing 42 million DKK in new traffic management solution. This created the right conditions to open an office in Malmö. The expansive region was a logical and strategic step for the next establishment.

Through the merger with Epg.sys AcobiaFLUX grow further during 2013. This lead to a new office in Tranås. Epg.sys had since 1999 specialized in solutions for control and monitoring for building automation. Through this merger AcobiaFLUX got even more competitive in integration.


AcobiaFLUX have deep knowledge in Industrial IT & Automation, but to succeed as a total supplier a sense of design, structure, function and quality is also required. Seeing the big picture, take responsibility and deliver the highest quality at every stage – that is a holistic approach for us.

Our approach to overall responsibility requires a deep commitment of all our employees. Everyone must feel the responsibility to solve customer problems. Whether AcobiaFLUX delivers a complete solution, or just contribute a part of a larger project, the solution of the customers’ problems is always our focus. Our customers feel safe and choose to work with us for long periods of time – and these are signs that our approach works.

Specialist expertise is self-evident – personal responsibility and commitment creates long term business relationships.

Key competencies

AcobiaFLUX puts a great deal of effort into recruiting competent staff, and has the industry’s greatest demands on attitude, sense of responsibility, self-discipline and technical competence within Industrial IT & Automation.

All employees, regardless of their role, must see the bigger picture of the customer’s situation. To understand how their own effort influences the final result is the basis for a successful project. We have specialists within each of the following areas: project management, analysis, design and system development.


AcobiaFLUX creates long-term solutions by basing our work on structured and documented development and project models: AXdevmod and AXpromod.

Both our process model and the formation of the products we deliver provide long-term solutions, and thereby create the conditions for long-term relationships.

Trust develops when the customer realises that our system solutions can be easily adapted when their activities change.

We take responsibility by:

  • Being up-to-date with the latest technology
  • Seeing the full picture of the customer’s operations and adapting our solution to this
  • Being proactive and showing the customer that we own their problem
  • Investigating and grasping problems and solutions at an early stagee
  • Having competent employees with analytical ability, who can develop solutions on the basis of the customers’ need

prAXis – how we manage our projects

AcobiaFLUX carries out all client assignments on a project basis. The projects are managed in line with our project process, prAXis – Projects with AcobiaFLUX – integration and cooperation. The project process ensures that all projects are managed by a common methodology and is the foundation for achieving high quality and efficiency in all our projects.

The project process describes the overall phases of what a project should go through before it is completed. The process also states the conditions that must be met to move from one phase to the next. prAXis focuses on the project’s results in terms of economy, quality and time – regardless of the type of project. By having full control of these three parameters; we get satisfied customers, happier employees and, hopefully, higher profit.

Working according to prAXis means that we take full responsibility in our project execution – from initial planning to closure. In the planning phase, the customer requirements are carefully analyzed. We focus on the customer needs and how the needs will be taken care of in the project organization – what should be done based on customer requirements and specifications. The planning phase ends with compiling the most important information in a project plan, that finally approves by the customer.

The implementation phase aims to perform the work according to the project plan. This phase contains elements such as design, development, installation and commissioning.

In the closure phase, the project results are delivered to the customer for approval. The closure phase also includes a project evaluation in which all project members contributes. In the ongoing work with constant improvements, this activity is a key feature.

Between the phases in the project model there are Toll Gates (TG), where it is decided if the project is allowed to proceed to the next phase. At each Toll Gate, a number of mandatory requirements have to be met. Decisions on Toll Gates can be taken by the AcobiaFLUX project owner together with the customer.

Our way of working with prAXis ensures that we have fully understood the customer requirements and the scope of the project, before we execute the project according to those requirements. Our way of working also guarantees that we manage changes and abnormalities in the project in a professional and structured way. This enables us to always deliver on time, on budget and with the highest quality

Total delivery

AcobiaFLUX is a complete supplier. In short, this can be described as an ability to adapt all aspects of delivery to meet the customer’s needs. We take responsibility for everything from feasibility study to delivery, implementation and support. We also can act as sub-contractor within bigger projects. We supply everything from installation of outer components for control and monitoring systems, databases and connections to external systems.

We do not reinvent the wheel with each new project. Instead, we base our solutions on modular concepts and components. Well-proven solutions form the basis for each new project. This approach is made possible thanks to our strong focus on structure, documentation and design. This also means that the customer’s operations do not need to be adapted to our solution, rather our solution is completely adapted to the customer’s operations and requirements. Tailor-made and economical solutions – the best of both worlds.

It is not enough that AcobiaFLUX’s solutions provide good integration and high efficiency within the customer’s current operations. It is equally important that the solutions can easily be adapted and expanded by the customer’s own organisation when their needs increase and demands change. Dynamic and configurable solutions are created through good structure and design – well-thought-through solutions that can grow with the customer’s needs.

Customer relations

One of the most important parts of our work is close interaction with the customer throughout the life of the project. Our collaboration with the customer stretches from the feasibility study through to project evaluation and support.

In order for our solution to be truly tailor-made, all concerned parties are involved in the process – from those who took the investment decision, to the intended end-users. This lays the foundation for successful implementation into the customer’s operations. Our close relationship to the project lives on after final delivery in the form of further development work and customer support. This guarantees that the solution will continue to be adapted for the customer as their environment and needs change.



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AcobiaFLUX växer ytterligare genom samgående med epg.sys

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AcobiaFLUX höjer säkerheten på Universitetet i Trondheim

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AcobiaFLUX etablerar sig i Norge

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AcobiaFLUX – världens bästa Citectintegratör

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AcobiaFLUX och Cintec går ihop

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Per From ny ledamot i AcobiaFLUX styrelse

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Uppseendeväckande tävling och Kitty Jutbring ska locka besökare till AcobiaFLUX mässmonter

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AcobiaFLUX – sparar energi och hindrar trafikolyckor

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Öresundsregionen det självklara valet för AcobiaFLUX nyetablering

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AcobiaFLUX vann upphandlingen när Øresundsbron investerar 42 miljoner DKK i ny teknik för trafikstyrning

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Preem får full kontroll med AX Alarm Manager

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AcobiaFLUX – bästa Citectintegratören i Europa

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Certifierade produkter – ett viktigt steg mot framtiden

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AcobiaFLUX-bilen har fått en ägare

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När AcobiaFLUX rekryterar är andrapriset en splitterny bil

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